Titan weapons seem inconsistent? Lag?

I don't know, sometimes I use them (the same loadout) and I tear through enemies. . .Other times it feels like my Titan is firing nerf darts.  Same weapons, different results. 

My Pilot is consistent, I know exactly what's going to happen when I use his weapons. . .Same weapons, same damage, every time. But my Titan feels like a roulette spin every time I hope in.  Is he going to hit hard like a Mack Truck or soft like Mac & Cheese?

Is anyone else noticing this? Maybe it's lag, I've noticed this game hasn't performed as well as it did during the beta.


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I suppose it very well could be lag. It could also just be your target. Spectres seem to take tons of damage from my 40mm and then there are three different titans with different health readouts. You most likely already have this in mind but thought it was worth mentioning.

Maybe lag.  I'm usually really consistent with the Titan weapons.  Especially the chain gun and bug zapper.  Every now and again I do notice that the quad rocket and 40mm cannon seem not to kill grunts and spectres as easily despite direct hits.