Titan fall quality issue, screen tearing and poor rendering....

I dont know what respawn did with the last update but the quality has gone to poop.

The screen tearing is awful and the screen constantly looks like its having problems rendering what it needs to on the screen.  I keep getting horizontal lines, and at times it looks like old school tvs when viewed thru a video camera.  I tested it with both private match and multiplayer matches. Doesnt matter whats going on, but far worse when more action is present.

This is pretty sad that we are going backwards here.  This is next gen! My xbox 360 games have smoother game play currently.


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hopefully the next DLC in may will heave a  performance patch.. hope there is a fix 2 this.. tearings and frame drops where known since beta.. grrr

it was not as noticable as it is now.  To the point i makes the game very unenjoyable to play.  Especially when you keep telling yourself this is next gen.  I can seriously stop moving and just circle with right thumb stick and watch the screen have all sorts of motion judder and horizontal line tearing.

another person describing roughly what Im seeing also.


one last one.....no im not crazy other people are experiencing it after the latest update.


Mine is terrible i cant turn or aim its just jumping all over

It happened to me last night for the first time. I thought there was something wrong with my controller or console.

I've been having the same problem on my UHD TV but it's only with titanfall. Any time there quick movement I get horizontal screen tearing. Very annoying and disappointing. When is this going to get fixed?

I've had lag and frame loss from day one being playing titanfall over 200 hours just need ejecting pilot with plasma rail gun and shoot all evacuating pilots achievements but decided to give up with playing game as the lags got worse.