tired of the hackers

i want to know why so many people hack and cheat on mw2, what is the point to hack the leader board and cheat during game play. i hope they all get banned for life from xbox.  most of them suck so bad i guess them have to. can xbox step up and stop this?


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i played call of duty 4 today. and bumped into people who were using hacks. reporting them does nothing as microsoft are too lazy to look into it.

the guys who i bumped have the gamer tags:

UKz Assasin x


so if microsoft are there. ban those guys and anyone else who is using hacks.

Also you are not allowed to post others gamertags. Thanks.

xbox wont do anything about this problem, they think there is no problem.

A forum is a place where you should be able to express your feelings about problems which occur during online or online gaming.? If someone wishes to advertise another's gamer tag it should be "ALLOWED" so Xbox can take appropriate action, against the offending gamer. Also there is no other form to take this action to, Simply Xbox Don't Want To No About It.? Xbox is only here to make money. Xbox has been promising game servers for Australian gamers for YEARS, but none yet. I will be reposting this on TWITTER,,,, AMBASSADOR THIS.?

i got one umnz panda they wont do any thing tho

I understood there was different levels of players. I'm casual. It's really had to play when you have some unemployed geek that lives on COD camping at spawn points.  I just finished a game where my entire team had 3 kills compared to the other with a total well over 100. I saw one score of 1200. I don't need this garbage.

I tried playing COD4 the other day with a few friends and cheaters (guy stayed at level 1 no prestige for 5 games even though he kept getting top score) and quickscopers (nobody other than us even did anything except stand and quickscope) made it impossible.

So we went to MW2 yesterday and got put into a lobby with a bunch of annoying kids trying to glitch and hack on Rust. I thought they wer just idiots talking but then we kept getting put into their game over and over again like in the bad old days when you'd catch the hack infections.

Reported them all but I see they're all still in good standing this morning. I miss the old maps and like all the games but I guess I have to go back to MW3 for now since at least that's somewhat reliable.

Microsoft THINKS the majority of their players is Legit players when really its 95% of it is 14 year olds with dumbass parents who buy hacks for them. i honestly hope their credit cards get hacked. :) and yea M$ needs to step up their game a bit and letting the market sell turbo rapid fire controllers at walmart doesnt help the problem.

Actually the lvl 1 without gaining xp was a hack last year. I WAS lvl 55 10th prestige, joined a ffa got a SINGLE kill I got negative xp and it capped me at lvl 1 10th prestige with all my guns but I need 2034040485940 xp to level up.

It's been a while since I've played MW2 so I decided to play it a bit, you know, fix my gamercard for MW3 with a better prestige icon. I played for quite some time and never encountered a cheater, not even spawn campers! Are we talking about the same game or is there a difference between European and American gamers?

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