Tired of playing alone looking for friends and good FPS players

I have never done this, but really I'm tired of not doing raids and missing out on trials of Osiris.  I live in las Vegas (pacific standard time) and I do play frequently. I'm very interested in finding people that like to do raids,nightfalls,and other PVP scenarios. Please add me among your friends I'd join a clan too I just really want to play with people who play destiny, because we all know its so much better playing with other people.


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Not to be a killjoy but the raids arent that great. Theyre very overhyped. Just think of them as a longer strike. Like any mode, youll get bored of them eventually. Not to mention theres only 4 [technically 3] and they become very repetetive very quick.  Not to mention 3 of the raids gear is low level and therefore useless. And trials arent any diffrent than normal PVP except the generic rewards everyone gets. Not trying to say you should be forever alone as a gamer, but it has its perks  :]             Sidenote; you can invite random recent players with a message just say kings fall, ___ checkpoint [if any] and what their minimum light level should be [i think 300]. that way you wont get kicked and you can kick any lowlevels. I beat all the raids dozens of times with random people in this manner [except the new one ehh so annyoing that one is.]