Tired of all the Iw hacking play black ops.

So I read in the mw3 forums that hacking and resetting ranks has gotten out of control, people are getting those hard earned prestige emblems reset by joining infected lobby's.  So I say come on back to black ops the lobby's are fine, so far no cheating that I can see.  


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1. Signup here

2. www#points 2 shop #com/?ref=uin1273850280

3. Do 3 offers.

4. Once you have compelted 3 offers, you will be able to buy your MSP with the earned points.

Any questions, please message me after you signup and i will be more than happy to help.


I wonder how they didn't make this a priority to resolve after what happened with MW2... anyway, everyone reading this is already on Blops =P If you want to get people back maybe you should have responded on the forum you're talking about. Though quite frankly.. I think MW3 took a lot of the little kids out of Blops..which I like. Haha. Can't say I miss those tweenies yelling profanities at the top of their little lungs into the mic. 

Your right, the atmosphere in blops has been smooth since mw3 hit.  

i think dot is one of those little kiddys lol

NO far from it.  You are usually on the I hate mw3 wagon more than I am!!