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 -----------7 Years of Heritage, Reborn----------


I'm Lord Admiral Savage of The Imperial Remnant. I've been in the Empire for years, and I'm an Imperial through and through. Some of you may have heard of us before, but no doubt there's numerous people who haven't. We started a long while ago, on early Halo titles. We've gone by multiple banners; IRON, The DOS, Dominion of The Empire, and now we're The Remnant. We are proud of our history, and as someone who has witnessed multiple generations of Imperials take up arms in the different iterations and eras of the Empire, I feel an immense feeling of pride to belong to such a community. We've been through rough seas, and it was only recently that the Empire of old died. So many factors led to its downfall that I might as well write a *** novel if I'm gonna talk about it.

Not all was lost, however. Because one officer, one commando leader, took his men and established the Remnant in defiance. And now we're here. But we took losses, however, many of them. Too many. So I'm here. I'd ask those who are interested in the clan to keep reading. You won't regret it.

INFORMATION So, with the boring history *** out of the way, we can get to what you came here for: the low-down. We're a mainly UK/EU based Halo Reach clan with a dedicated site and forums. We also have an MLG Gamebattles team for those competitive players among you. We cater to most types of gamers, however we regardless require a huge amount of dedication, loyalty, and activity. We need to be serious at serious times, and respectful to others. We uphold utmost sportsmanship, no matter what the situation.

JOINING UP We prefer our members to be at least over 16, although most of us are 18-30. We're mature, respectful, and professional. We have a huge recruitment initiative which all new members are required to conform to to prove their willingness to put in hard work to reap the rewards. We've also got a military ranking system, and different 'Legions' which are proud, often long-standing divisions with their fair share of experience and history, each bearing their own ethos and standards. For example, the 48th Commando Legion is the longest-lasting Legion. They are closely modeled after UK Royal Marines as far as the ethos and the way they do things goes. 

So, there's that. We've also got practice nights/gamenights every Friday where members of all ranks can check in and play some fun games and mingle with people they usually wouldn't because of their duties.

If you want to become part of a forever ongoing story, a heritage; then simply go here: http://we-are-empire.co.uk/home Sign up and submit your recruitment form. We'll allocate you and get you the experience you want from your Halo Reach.

-----Join Today And Become EMPIRE!-----

LEGAL NOTICE: We do not endorse any of the following:

-Crushing indigenous populations
-Planet destruction
-Stamping out freedom and happiness throughout the galaxy
-Manipulating governments
-Usage of bioweapons
-Wearing black garments
-Coffee mugs with 'I Love The Empire' printed on the side
-Various other assorted things

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hello there Would you like to be Allies  :) If you are willing to help Dark Order of the  Sith Empire out  :D

As it happens, I've heard of you guys :) More than willing to help you guys out. I'll hit you up on XBL and we'll see if we can't maybe set up some friendly practice matches. You might also want to register on our site as an ambassador.