Team work. Don't lone wolf unless you have uber skills.

Use your dead buddy tanks as a shield.


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Also, don't use your live friendlies as shields. They aren't there to be your guard. Too many times, people seem to think because I'm in an M6 or T1 Heavy that they can just sit right behind me and do nothing. This makes me unable to back up and then get slaughtered because of the idiots.

Know your roll in what tank you're using.

Don't fire blindly at them if you aren't penetrating armor.

Can't do enough damage? Hit their tracks and get out of there. Let your team help you. You are NOT a one man army.

RB. RB is your friend and helps you say what you need to when you don't have a mic or people are in a party. Tap it to bring enemies to attention you see.

Stop map spamming. Seriously. Going into the map to highlight a section does NOT spot anything. The only thing it does is basically tell your team maybe they should check that area. It will do nothing more.

Meant LB. I was tired when I wrote that.

If playing with artillery, learn to lean the tank, and how long it takes for the shot to arrive.

Don't move artillery ahead of anybody. They may pack a punch but they can easily be one shot. They aren't brick walls.

Click the LS for cruise control.

Give your thumb a rest when that big heavy has to trek up a hill.

Got a question for ya.  It tells you that when your aim is red you have a 0% yellow 50% and green 100% chance of penetration.  But I find that I seem to do more damage if it's red.  What's up with that?

Are you switching to different ammo? Sometimes, different ammo can cause more harm, depending on where you shoot. Also, it could be that the shell is hitting just barely off of where you're aiming and nailing and area close to it. It is still beta, so it could also just simply be a small bug as well.

Not switching ammo cause only my newest tank has diff ammo.  Could be one of the other things though.  Didn't know if it was just me or not.  I could just suck at the game too lol.  But it is soo additive cant wait for the servers to come back online.

Heh, I don't think it's a matter of if you're bad or not, just might be a small issue they're working on still. I've noticed my shots have a 100% chance to penetrate, but depending on the angle the tank is at, it can still ricochet on it. Sure, it's a weak spot, but the angle can keep me from hitting it properly. Maybe that's what happened.

How do you buy new different types of ammo? I can see the ammo, but can't purchase.

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