Tips to bring the fun back in to single player survival.

When the game first came out i played for hours on one world. Building tons of cool stuff, and  having loads of fun. Then all the updates came out, I played around with creative mode for hours. Then because of all the cool stuff they added (dungeons, ravines) I thought I might aswell start a fresh world.

So i started again, built a basic house, mined lots of ore, explored a little bit, found dimonds, got set up in my little home. Then i just didn't know what to do. I had no desire to build anything because it seemed i might as well just play creative. and i couldnt really be be bothered to explore.

Have you got any tips to bring the spark back?  what goals do you set your self when playing survival?


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I got bored after a while and set myself these following goals:

-Build a large house on lava in the nether

-Build a huge train system powered and automated (use redstone)

-Build a huge metropolis (First on the overworld and then the netherworld) that farms food for you automatically (Farms crops), protects itself (fill dispensers with arrows and make them activated by pressure plates when enemies step near your metropolis), have a zoo (With every kind of passive mob) and build an army of wolves to protect your metropolis.

I've done the first two and in progress of building a metropolis on the overworld (I've made an automated farm but need to build dispensers and a zoo and wolves.

Good Luck!