Tips on getting better?

Does anyone have any tips on getting better at guitar? I have been playing this game for awhile now but for some reason can not really get past hard difficulty. If i try expert I almost always fail. Is there anything that will help me with my skills or am i just one of those players that will never get better. lol  I have practiced and practiced with no help. lol


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i had the same problem but on bass i found wen u ply on faster speeds on the hightway the notes r less 2gether thus u can see them better maby try it on hyper speed 2 or 3 nd see wut it does 4 ya good luck

+1 for hyperspeed... I use +3 for expert and +4 for hard

Or you could try to do expert bass for a little bit then go to guitar, but the tempo changes might mess you up.  Other then keep practicing, not sure what to say.  I personally never thought that I would be able to play expert drums of expert guitar ever. But I was doing it last night.... I prefer bass the most, but those drums are addicting and guitar was just for fun.

Try a new starting position on the frets. My index is on red and I slide over for the green. Forget about the whammy bar, and held notes, and just concentrate on accuracy.

i play on hyperspeed 5

This game is a pretty tough one to start learning expert difficulty on because, in my opinion, the game's charts are one of the more difficult in the rhythm game series. Hand positioning is key, as a previous poster said. I begin with my index on red because it's easier to slide up and use your index on green than to slide down and use your pinkie on blue and orange. Starting on bass can be helpful, but you have a sixth note to worry about with the open notes, and that can be confusing. I learned on Rock Band 1 and am so glad because there weren't as many combinations with held notes and distractions flying across the screen.

Thanks guys. I will try that some of the stuff you mentioned. My guitar broke so now im just playing with my mic. lol but i'll soon get another one and keep trying.

Just getting the hang of holding notes and hitting the other notes on screen. I used to hate when I had to let go instead of being able to hit them.

Hi man i can really help you!! Please add me as "HighSkilledDude" i may be the best who can help you. and if you are going to add me, please tell me who you are so i know ;) and im a real GH PRO i have got 5 stars on every song in the GH series, so you should probably hit me first. :)