Tips on Blighttown.

Hey all. Just defeated the Gaping Dragon (epic) I have about 37000 souls. Now, what do you reckon I should spend these on? Moss and Purging Stones, upgrading my attributes (I'm Level 26 I think), OR going back to the merchant in those sewers and buy some armor pieces of Dharhm? I can't remember the dudes name.


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I would say, go to the garden area kill some tree monsters (they drop moss, which you will need). Also make sure you have a lot of arrows. Or if you have the money, buy the moss at the vendors, however they are pricey.

Okay, so how much moss do you reckon I should need? Should I just stick to buying the Purple Moss that cures toxins and shizz?

Bring 20 of each if you plan on going in to Blight Town.  LoL  Seriously....

What about those purging stones? Should I buy any of those?

If you're going in to the Depths, yes.  However, you can get TWO of those stones for free by trading with Snuggly the Crow back at the Northern Undead Asylum.

I'd say at least 20, make sure it's the stuff that cures poison and toxin.    no curses are in blighttown.   it's going to take you at least 5 of them until you learn the layout of the area.   5 for the swamps.  10 more once your comfortable exploring the area.    especially the swamps.  that marsh water hurts but you must travel through it.