tips from one a bottom feeder

hey instead of raging when your being destroyed here's and idea...hit the exit/leave game button!  if your not having fun then leave and find another lobby. maybe start scrolling through the other players stats real quick after voting and see if the lobby your in is a level in which you CAN compete in.


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good idea as long as they dont dashboard

Here's one...


i have a tip for you, go back into the kitchen and make me a sammich trick.

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good idea as long as they dont dashboard



ok, so what is dashboarding?

Dashboarding is a tactic peole use by going back to the dashboard screen after getting stomped in a game to save their precious K/D ratio.

The coolest people that dashboard are the 15th prestiges who have a 2.1 k/d and even if they win by a huge margin they will still dashboard if their k/d isn't up to par to them. I've always had an okay k/d but I care way more about winning than k/d. 

.....And this topic makes no sense. I don't know why you made it?? But I give you props on having the best random generated xbox name I've ever seen. BravestSphere10 is pretty ballin. My friend got Fossilwig4 before and I thought nothing would top that.