Tips for the retro lancer

This gun is the most frustrating for me but seems very effective against me so am I missing something? When I have gone up against it, it takes me down quick! Should it only be used in very close range, almost like a shotty, cause more than ten ft. away it seems useless even when I just tap, or dbl tap like hammerburst " which is boss btw!" Any tips for this gun would be nice thanks.


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Manually pull trigger and aim slowly downwards. And pray like hell :P

I'm guilty of not doing this, but I've heard firing in bursts is helpful.

I did awesome with this gun in the beta, but now I suck with it. :P

I love this gun. For me it's all about burst firing or feathering the trigger and aim for the head. I'd say it works alright as a Med. range firearm. It has a crazy kick on it and tends to kick the crosshairs up. So it takes a bit of practice to work the trigger and manage the aim.

You'll get it and you'll start to love it.

I hated it in the beta. Now it's all I use.

Thats it in a nutshell.  Anything over medium range is a waste of ammo.  Feather the trigger, and make use of the bayonet!

What  Jerff said basically, burst firing with light trigger feathering is the way to do it. Personally thought, since the RLancer kicks up so hard I aim for the chest so it can kick itself up into a postion for a headshot. Practice makes perfect, use it in the campain, feral grubs seem to have them often so it's pretty easy to keep it filled up on ammo.

VERY short controlled bursts at close to medium range,swing that bayonet when up-close and in doubt,and for the retro charge catch the enemy off gaurd...sneak up from behind while they're busy or follow their movements and cut them off on the otherside of a door or wall. Works perfectly for me,I still get put down often but I make effective use of this weapon!

I'm starting to get used to it, but it still is my least favorite gun.

Practice helps quite a bit.  It's the only rifle I really used today, and now I'd say I'm pretty good with it.  It's my favorite weapon, same as in the beta.

You can become great with the retro by doing the following.

Using snub pistol when enemies are at long range [ its not great but when your using the retro you don't really get a choice].

Shooting at enemies with blind fire when at close quarters.

Pairing with a sawed off. Your retro already covers close range so you want a gun with extreme close range capabilities.

Hope this helps.