Tips for the final boss on insane? *Spoilers*

I can get to the checkpoint pretty easily, but once she jumps on the tower, it gets really crazy, and we usually don't survive for very long. Does anyone have any tips they can share on how to beat the queen on insane?


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I noticed on Hardcore if I was playing with the AI I had to follow them around the tower, otherwise they ran one way or the other, I concentrated on her and then Locust would spawn and cut me down when my attention was on shooting her off the tower.  I am guessing it will be the same on Insane but a bit worse.  I would recommend doing this co-op, the more the better and make sure everyone can communciate and divide up who is using the hammer, who is watching for locust etc.  Hope that helps you.  I found this was aggravating on hardocre cause I would go down but noone was around to revive me until I followed them instead of them following my lead.  I knwo the only reason this frustrated me was the AI lacked common sense (imagine that).

Do it solo! I tried for 2+ hours in 4 player co-op and never beat only took 3 attempts solo.

First time through we tried for about 3 hours with 4 players on arcade. Mutators were on as well. Tried solo and with 1 other person last night and the Theron's basically rushed me once she hit the tower spawn killing me. So I gave up. Going to try again tonight and hope it's just a little easier.

After trying for over 2+ hours on 4-player co-op, I managed to defeat her in 20 minutes doing it by myself. All I did was "spot" her and let the AI shoot her down while I stayed in cover. All I did was use the Hammer of Dawn. I was shocked afterwards.

Prophet - Did you use any mutators?

Solo is way easier(also used mutators). But I still can't beat it in 4 player co-op. Those palace guards are real a-holes.

Trust me when I say, mutators are not needed.

There is a glitch that will make NO enemies spawn when she jumps on the tower.  During the cutscene when she goes for the tower have someone jump in your game before it ends.  That should make it so no enemies spawn.  I think you have to already have 2 people playing and the 3rd joining but I'm not sure.

Stay behind the elevator you spawn at with two people and the super reload mutator. The elevator you come up provides perfect cover for 1 person so give him the hammer (also no guards come to the elevator) and have the better player run around

hide behind the elevator. it doesnt get destroyed so the guards cant hurt you. just make sure when you run out for ammo your careful of therons