Tips and Tricks. Cool new things you have learned in the new game.

I thought it would be a cool idea to post new goodies we have found while playing.  Sorry if this has been done, but with this new awesome(lol, I'm kidding) forum design, I don't know how to search properly.

I learned last night if you hold down the RB, you equip the knife.  Too bad you don't run faster with the knife like in CS:S.


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I learned that at the right distance, flashlights and laser sights actually do a very good job of blinding you . I thought they would be silly gimmicks, but I got caught several times by them and was impressed by how effective they were.

Yeah, I was not a fan of being blinded.

When I'm reacting to being blinded by a bright light in a video game and I'm squinting and wanting to throw up my hand to try and block it in real life, I'd say they nailed it.