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hey all, so at first i was struggling like mad to rack up any decent score/kills and was getting a little frustrated. For those feeling the same stick with it guys as for some reason the game just seems to grow on you, Im only rank 8 and have a few unlocks coming up ie 3 different optics for amount of kills with weapons. Any general tips/advice would be gratefully received. my only gripe is people not spotting targets, i try and spot everything i see which will in turn help my team. i think people dont spot ( especially infantry ) incase someone takes their kill lol. overall great game 


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I make it a habit to spot anything i'm about to shoot at, it helps me and helps others. I occasionally snipe on big vehicle maps and spot enemy aircraft and armour and keep my crosshairs on them to make them a priority and it does work. I just hope others can do the same! I'd be interested to get together with a bunch of other euro server players that also spot enemies and use mics as i think at the moment we could make a killer team just from communication! Accuracy and skill are irrelevant if your team arent helpful.