Tips and Advice for Beginners

The way my games have been going, it would seem the only thing I'm in danger of unlocking would be massive "L" plate symbols on the back of my cards (this is what learner drivers have to stick to their cars in the UK).


So what hints, tips and advice can experience players offer folks who are new to the game and are still puzzling on how to defeat the first campaign challenge on Mage difficulty?


Thanks in advance,




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Don't be afraid to mulligan aggressively.  If you have bad opening hands (too much land, not enough land, too many high casting cost spells) mulligan that hand.  Be aware though that after the first mulligan (I believe that is still the same) you will draw one card less per mulligan.  Yet a hand of 7 cards with 1 land is worse than a hand of 6 with a nicely balanced hand.

Thanks for the tips.


What do you consider a decent balance in the 2 opening decks?


Also, what is the most effective way to shut those bloody Fire Elementals down?


Thanks again



The first thing I did was go to deck edit under the white deck and purchased a key to unlock the deck. Then I rebuilt the deck like this:


1 x Brave the Elements

2 x Gideon's Lawkeeper

2 x Kitesail Apprentice

2 x Kor Duelist

3 x Kor Outfitter

1 x Puresteel Paladin

1 x Stoneforge Mystic

2 x Sunspear Shikari

1 x Gideon's Avenger

3 x Kor Hookmaster

1 x Baneslayer Angel

2 x Serra Angel

1 x Captain of the Watch

1 x Archangel of Strife


3 x Arrest

2 x Congregate

1 x Harmless Assault


1 x Infiltration lens

2 x Trusty Machete

2 x Kitesail

1 x Pennon Blade

1 x Strider Harness

1 x Sword of War and Peace

1 x Argentum Armor


Never really had a problem with winning a match after that.

Only ones that gave me trouble was Sarkhan Vol, Sorin Markov (dang Vampires) and Nissa Revane (elves deck..)

For those I used my Macinations deck ( I removed all white cards from it)

Cheers for the further tips.


Sneaky of Wizards making these unlock keys available for a fee.  At least it's a small fee.


I'll see how I go with the standard stuff.


Part of the problem for people like me who are new to "Magic" is you see a Kitesail and think it's a creature.



Well here's what to remember when you play.

Lands will go down on the bottom.

Creatures go over the lands on the battlefield.

Equipment and Artifacts (not artifact creatures) will go on your right side.

If you can use equipment it will have a gold aura around it, as well as cards with specific abilities you can activate.

give it a few goes. If you would like some practice send me a friends request I'll play a few games with you to help you out if you'd like. Maybe then we could team up and do some archenemy.

Do the challenges.  They make you do things that you would never have to do against AI, but that would be useful against a real opponent.

Timing is important.  Don't use Instants right away.  For example, don't cast Giant Growth to pump a creature before you attack; instead, wait to see how (and if) your opponent blocks.

I'm with Azrael. I am complete NOOB when it comes to the Magic game(s). I've always wanted to learn how to play and be at least somewhat competitive. I question the logic of the game developers holding your hand through a tutorial then throwing you to the wolves against Koth. I don't mind a decent learning curve but for someone (like me) with little to no experience at this game it can cause a person to give up and never come back to it. I won't be giving up, just saying I think the devs should have dumbed down the first match or two to provide a little easier slope to the 90 degree learning curve it currently sits at.  I appreciate the tips from the above posters. It just dawned on me why Koth might be so tough.......selling of keys!

Ok guys don't give up. Yes the two opening decks are especially mal-suited to defeat your first adversary. That being said, I beat him on my first try with the green deck which is an AWFUL match-up. I made sure to keep my creatures alive (by using giant growths and not letting them die in 1-1 skirmishes) until I drew an overrun and that was that.

White is a MUCH better deck so you should probably use that one to defeat him (and I'm saying this even tho I beat him on my first try with Apex Predators, lol)

quick mulligan tip: you need at least two land, preferably three for the green deck. Two is probably enough. Mulligan until you get at least 2 or 3 land.

and for the love of God, don't buy keys. It's much more rewarding to earn the unlocks. You can do it! The only things that are impossibly tough in this game are the challenges.

I won't be buying the keys. I will keep plugging along.

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