Tipping of the hat.

So this generation we really saw what competitive online play can be, and I must say it's wonderful.  Something I would like to talk about is how overtly aggressive people can get online, to the point of being rude.  An example would the be teabag in a FPS or intentionally giving someone 0 respect points in Mortal Kombat.  Now I'm not saying I've never humped a dead corpse to be funny, but when it's the same person doing it after every single kill the joke isn't  funny anymore and becomes a little disheartening to see how seriously people are taking the game.

Gamers and other let's call them "nerd cultures" have had a history of not being accepted by a good part of society, so I think it's sad to ourselves turn on one another just because someone else bested us.  I think in this next generation, we need to develop a more welcoming competitively friendly community.  An yes there will always be the [Mod Removed] and younger immature children out there, but I'm saying we should make an effort to be kinder to each other.  Not because we have to, but just because I truly believe everyone will have a better time.

And don't even get me on the whole racist, sexist, homophobic things over LIVE...I don't even wanna touch that!


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I agree that would be nice but it will NEVER happen, especially with some of the people that post on these forums, it's just sad with all the negativity & hate, just from video games & hobbies.


I have been playing on XBL since 2004 and have heard a lot of crazy stuff but it never really gets to me.  

I always realize it's just gaming on the internet.


Luckily there are good features in place by developers to make sure we can have a good time playing with our friends and not be bothered by the outside nonsense.   Which I see it only getting better with the next generation where our experiences will hopefully be more enhanced, flexible & fun.


Keep up the good spirit & play with those who share the same ideals.

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I hardly ever hear of the insults you speak of anymore.



Play better and you will.  (That's a joke... don't get mad bro)


The true XBox LIVE Feedback system works like this:


"Good Game" = "Dude that was so close".


"Dude that was so close" = "You were very lucky I should have won".


"Dude you just used the same tactic time after time" = "Your winning strategy confounded my ignorance".


"Dude you're using hacks" = "Stop being a better player than me".


"You are a (insert expletives here" = "I praise your skill which I am unable to match".


Now you'll know how you're REALLY doing online.




I was referring to the very last sentence of the OP post. I remember some one telling me I was cheating while playing TDM in Transformers Fall of Cybertron. I also remember being accused of cheating in Unreal Tournament and Unreal Championship as well. Never thought some one would say that to me cause they were getting beat bad or whatever.

Seriously? haha, that's hilarious!

I rarely teabag first, but if someone does it to me, I will spend the rest of the match giving them the spinning-beatdown-teabag every time I kill them.  It's all in good fun. I will occasionally preemptively administer the knuckle to purposefully anger a good player in an attempt to take them off their game.  It's strategic.

I hardly ever hear of the insults you speak of anymore. But then again I don't play CoD much and players are usually in a party chat. I can't even remember the last time some one called me a racial name or any other insult. Not saying the insults don't happen though.

Shadowrun has an achievement for teabagging, how's that for rude?

I know a lot of people do it out of spite or anger but for me the teabag maneuver is like a friendly jab at another player. If a guy has killed me a bunch of times and I finally get him back I may drop it like it's hot all over his face but it's always in good fun. I guess it's always perceived as hostile though.

The last time I got hate mail I was playing Bad Company 2. I swam out to an island to knife a sniper on Isla Innocentes and while I lingered there for a minute another guy came up and knifed me. He then proceeded to send me a rant voicemail about how I'm a female dog and "this is a fighting game" and he was angry I wasn't attacking the objective....which was interesting because he was on the other team lol.

This guy sounded like he was older than I am (31) and was behaving like a whiny little girl. It was really pathetic. I was sort of dumbfounded for a second that grown men actually get like this over a game. I can understand that if I was trolling the guy all match by crashing helos on him repeatedly he would be pushed to a limit and go on a rant but our first encounter sent him off the edge for some reason.

It is too bad that gamers can't unite and be civil to one another but we can't expect us all to be buddy buddy because we like the same thing. It reminds me of back in the day playing pick-up basketball at the YMCA or a park and it always had to be an "us vs. them" sort of thing. Somebody always had to run his mouth and make the game more than what it is in some weak attempt to assert dominance over others.

I agree with Crimson. I was playing a lot of Uno last Summer, because I was taking a class, and just didn't have the time for anything more intense. Naive person that I tend to be, I honestly expected Uno to be free from all of that stuff. I mean, it's UNO! A card game! During one game, a guy was really peeved because he was in a game with three women (one was a game controlled 'bot, no less), and none of them wanted to stop playing and start talking dirty to him. After a couple of minutes of being ignored, he just started yelling and calling us various names. We both ended up quitting the hand.

I really hate to report anyone for being a jerk, but this guy was just way over the top. I mean, I can understand some swearing if your adrenaline is coursing through your veins during a high energy game, but Uno? And even if you're the competitive type, this had nothing to do with trash talk. This was just some guy looking for cyber in an Uno game.

Yeah it's true. It started off as viral, you had to teabag one of the devs or someone who already did that. It also had to be done right to work, no teabagging half heartedly.

[quote user="voteDC"]

[quote user="IsaacClarkeSNL"]And those people who find it offensive, I would just rather ignore since they're taking offense to crouching. He's crouching? REPEATEDLY? Wow, that is soooo offensive![/quote]Except they aren't JUST crouching are they. Tea-bagging is a sexual act and people find it funny to simulate its use in a video game.

I wonder if it would be as amusing if they did it to you after a playing a game of football in real life? Would it still be funny if you were getting someone's crotch rubbed in your face?

Given that people find simulating the act funny because of its sexual nature, I find it genuinely surprising that they can't also see why some may find it offensive. 


It's hard to find offensive because it's not like the characters are naked or anatomically correct. It's just some pixels simulating a crouch onto some other pixels. Yes we all know it's meant to be sexual but that's a stretch of the imagination anyways.


The weird part is that it's supposed to be sexual and a good portion of the people who find it hilarious are homophobic straight guys. It really gives perspective into their warped view of sexuality if you think about it.


When I teabag in game I leave it in there. You know, my crouch stays crouched until they disappear or until I have to move. I find that much more amusing because it's like I'm taking a dump on them or something.

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