Tiny, tiny text

What a fantastic game!

But one slight issue i have is the size of the in-game text. Not your inventory, but the text that appears when you look at something, or on-screen instructions.

Is there a way to make these bigger?


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Very true. And, admittedly, i am playing it on a non-HD TV, but i am trying to get one.

The only thing is, is that even in HD, the size of some text is tiny, so even in HD, it will still be small.

Given that this is a console game, then it is fair to assume that your average user will be sat on a sofa or chair a few feet away, rather than sat up to the screen, at a desk, like PC users.

Anyway, it's not a huge problem. Thanks for the replies.

Argh, double post.

It is because the game is meant to be played on an HDTV, not an SDTV.  Unfortunately, a lot of developers are doing this nowadays.

Great. I have a small, non-hdtv and bad eyes! lol

crap I didnt even think about that.... stupid SDTV...

Not sure, probably not.

The other thing that slightly annoys me is the writing on signposts, it's barely legible, even on a 42 inch 1080p tv.

It was so tiny on mine, I could barely read ANYTHING :c SO I said balls to that, and took the other big TV that was in the living room :>

Actually, the text size isn't an issue on an HDTV.  For example, I couldn't read crap on Forza 3 on an SDTV then got a new HDTV and it made all the difference in the world.

yep =[ unfortunately this was one of my main reasons for buying an HDTV. I remember playing mass effect 1 and I couldnt play because the text was so small.

yeah the signs are pretty bad, cant even read them on a 42inch either. text is fine though, text in a lot of games is hard to read on sdtvs.