Timeline of Our Troubles

I put this on another thread, but it took me forever.  Hence, I felt obligated to give it it's own thread.  Wow, I never want to write another post this long again....It's as accurate as I could possibly make it given the circumstances and it you find a wrong date or if I left something major out, feel free to comment.



Here is a quick timeline of the trouble gamers have faced.  I think most people would be accepting of some bumps in the road, but NRS has hit a lot of bumps in the road.  With that said, the major netcode problems are behind us, and I am able to enjoy the game fully now.

-Game released 4-19-11

-Within a couple of days most gamers that play online are very unhappy with the netcode...lag, desyncs, 5 min to match ranked or player matches, KOTH was insanely laggy with input delay at best, and some 1v1 matches that said they were a 4 dot ping rating were very laggy.  You get the point.  

-People wanted answers and NRS was hush-hush...the forums exploded with "nerd rage"

-On 4-27-11 NRS posted a official statement saying they were fixing the netcode and improvements will be noticed over the next couple of weeks.

-On 5-25-11 NRS Announces DLC for Klassic Kostume Pack. Oviously more upset fans since no update on the netcode fix, but we get DLC?

-On 6-7-11 Klassic Kostume Pack goes on sale...No Netcode fix

-On 6-11-11 The netcode patch hits PSN but not XBL.  Gamers immediately notice a couple of bugs.  Gamers who bought the Klassic Kostume Pack sometimes cannot access them during the character select screen and desyncs are very common during the character select screen.  This has to do with the Kostume pack and alternate costumes in general.  Obviously, people that bought the Kostume pack are upset.  On the flip side, Most all other problems with the netcode that I listed above are fixed.

-On 6-14-11 Skarlet is slated for a 6-21-11 release.

-On 6-20-11 XBL gets the netcode patch with all the good, bad, and ugly noted above.

-On 6-21-11 Skarlet hits the market. Some people had trouble accessing the Kombat Season Pass, but I don't really know much about it.

-On 6-24-11 NRS released a statement on how to correct the Klassic Kostume Desync bug.  I guess it works....some people didn't follow the directions though and desyncs still happen but not as much.

-On 6-27-11 Kenshi is slated for a 7-5-11 release.

-On 7-5-11 PSN gets Kenshi around 3pm Eastern...XBL is caught in limbo....Ed Boone says Kenshi will be on XBL at 5pm on his Twitter account.  He later says Kenshi will be released on XBL 7-6-11.  Some say it's MS's fault while I believe NRS submitted it late, but only MS and NRS know for sure.  Common sense tells me that if it was MS's fault they would have updated immediately after finding out about the issue.  

-On 7-6-11Kenshi is released on XBL sometime in the am

I think the major highlight is that it took 2 months to fix the netcode on XBL with only 2 official responses from NRS and WB.  That had most gamers pissed off enough to get really ticked at the smaller things like the Kostume Pack bug and the Kenshi delay.  Currently, I'm very happy with the game.  I didn't buy the Kostume Pack or that would have pissed me off I'm sure.  Some people were over the top mad while others sugar coated everything...typical forum crap.



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So did you copy this from the "hate on nrs" thread? or did you completely type it out again? either way, it shows nrs has a kinda crappy track record with this game

Correction, Its " Ed Boon" not Boone as in Daniel Boone. Netcode is not fixed, half of my matches ranked and koth are desync and my costumes are off again on again. Lag persists.

Yeah, I'm sure more typos are in there.  I copied it from another thread so I didn't have to type it again.  I think part of the issue is a lot of people haven't downloaded the compatibility packs.  As a result, sometimes Skarlet and Kenshi aren't available for me to select.  

Its a mess online, has been from day 1.  Last MK i'll be buying.

Am I like the only person in the forums, not affected by any of this?


I had none of those things happen to me. I rarely de-sync'd, rarely lagged, no alternate problems, got all the DLC perfectly fine and I got pretty Lucky on 6/21. 

You mean to tell me that you got Kenshi on 6/5/11 instead of 6/6/11 The Blessings? So you had no problems with that happening?

Nope I didn't get it on either of those days, I got Kenshi on 7/6..  

lol. Sorry forgot it was July. But you cant say you didnt have any problems getting the DLC. Not having problems means you got Kenshi on the date is was to be released instead of the date after.

I wouldn't really call it a problem, cause it downloaded perfectly fine no bugs or alterations took place.. as a matter of fact I'm glad that they decided to delayed it to take precautionary tweaks, or else we prolly would have had another 'Skarlet' incident occur.


Plus I went to a friend's house to have a little Tourny Party, where I got the Day 1 Dosing for Kenshi on her PS3. 


(But: I'll Admit I guess I was a bit Affected by that, but nothing to seriously. Just a 24 hours Wait.)

I don't think waiting one day was really a trouble, to be honest. Just treat it like another day and wait, really. Also, a good portion of that list aren't troubles. I can see some, but only a few and most just having a negative attitude towards something.

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