Time Trial Competition

If anyone is interested, I have a six-stage competition set up consisting of different types of mazes/puzzles. I'm going to hold a friendly competition to see who can complete it the quickest. Bragging rights are the only true reward, however, you will have your name posted on the 'plaque' at the end of the trial if you have the fastest or second fastest time. Here are some rules:

1. You must have a mic in order to participate.

2. There is no creating/destroying blocks.

3. The time starts when you enter the 2nd door and stops once you are outside at the end of the building.

If you happen to die at some point in the puzzle (likely to happen), there are beds at the beginning to sleep in before you start so that your respawn point is in the building. Your time will keep running until the maze has been completed or you quit. However, if you quit at any time after starting/before finishing, you will not be allowed to try again. If you do complete the puzzle, but you believe you could do it faster, you must wait until the next day to try again. 1 attempt per day per person.

Hopefully this sparks some interest...I was hoping to bring a little competition to this game, while keeping it fun at the same time!

Message me or send me a FR saying puzzle (or something along those lines) if you're interested and would like to try. I only allow one participant on the map at a time to avoid any spoilers.

Thanks guys! Look forward to having you all try it out!


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nice idea bro!

I hate time trials, but I love Minecraft... I might just have to try this little maze/puzzle out.

I'll be on tonight. I get home from work around 5 EST, so I'd say 6-whenever. It's all set up and ready to go!

ill be on after work i get off at eleven ill prolly be on my 11:45-midnight if youre on ill join your world it sounds great actually.

and im in the chicago area.

Alright, sounds good! I'm sure I'll be on. Send me a message when you get on and I'll set it up! If you know anyone else that's interested, let me know!

Didn't catch ya tonight...if you still wanna try, what's your schedule look like for tomorrow for MC?