Time Travel Will Tell ???

Wow what a bunch of crap this Achievement is.Thats messed up that they made it that you need 4 players in order to get this.At least thats how iam seeing it,that you need 4 players?And its not even about getting the Achievement,its about being able to play the game and have fun and find hidden stuff and play it the way they made it to be played but for people that like to play solo or with a friend.They should of made a option for solo players as well.

Iam a older gamer and to be honest i dont have very many friends on live and realy dont want any. My generation in video games was always single or double player games.Now its all about having a bunch of friends in order to play.Not that thats a bad thing,its awsome realy.But its hard for older gamers to get used to playing like that.Plus its hard finding older gamers to play with lol.

So if iam right and you need 4 peeps to do this?Would someone on here give me and the wife a hand?We have mics.And were not jerks or rude.Thanks for the help....


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Yes you need 4 people.  Ask on the forums, someone will help you.