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Does anyone know if it is possible to incorrectly sequence this ach? I was under the impression that if you could not progress to the next step prior to the previous being completed. Reason I ask - we were playing last nite, made it up to the dynamite (we got the 6th crystal on the mud temple after dials), but we could not get the dynamite to fall no matter what we did (we shot it multiple time with the PaP baby gun, ray gun, all the crystals, etc). The only thing we did not do was listen to the radios - but we did not think this was mandatory. The second radio (the one that tells about the dynamite) by the temple was not even there. Did we miss something or did the thing just glitch? Please post a response if you have a high degree of certainty about your comments - i need more than just speculation( & i can give that myself). Thanks in advance, Jedi


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Did you hit the gongs and get the treyarch symbol to glow on the stone?  You have to do that first before shooting it with the PaP'd babymaker,

hey jedi dude can you and a couple of your friends help me with that achievement cause I am stuck where you need the napalm zombie to go through the tunnels and every time me and my friends get one we die or he dies mostly we die