Time restrictions, but just for some users and not others.


My children and myself use our xBOX and I want to set time restrictions so that they can only use them between set times or for a preset total each day.  However I want to set this on a per user basis so that I can play on it when I want to.I know I can set a timer on the xBOX but this seems to effect every user and not indervidual users.

I can do this on our PC using the Microsoft family settings and it works fine.

Any ideas or have I missed somthing?

Thanks for any help.




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I have a similiar situation except I don't have the Family Plan. My Xbox Live account is separate from mt son's and I want to put Why should it affect everyone in a family plan and not individuals. Yhe adult obviously play later than the children should. Send me a message if you get an answer please.  Sal   AKA (ROYAL BLUSH)

Have a look at Improving Console Safety.

The timer is on the console not the individual family user. Just turn off console safety when you want to play odd hours.