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I know the answer is probably NO but is there anyway to find out how many hours you have played in Minecraft? I am kind of curious as to how long I have played but then again I don't want to know because it is going to be a pretty decent amount. Seems like once you start building something you don't realize it but its 6 hours later. At least that is what happens to me quite often.


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There might be a way to determine that through the leaderboards, but in all honesty I wouldn't put much faith in it. The stats appear to always be changing. One minute my character has managed a certain distance via boat, and the other I'm back to zero mileage on the boat. Other times I've logged a ton of kills for certain baddies, other times, I'm back to zero or some other number that does not properly reflect the right stats.


Doesn't seem to matter which mode I'm in either. From peaceful to Hard, it's all constantly changing. I hope they fix it soon. Would be nice to know how much REAL life is passing me by lol...