Tim Cain Joins Obsidian

Just a bit of news here from the Vault, but essentially, Tim Cain, one of the masterminds behind Fallout and lead developer of Fallout 1 (he also did a bit of work on Fallout 2) has joined Obsidian.  This is VERY good news.  Thoughts?


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thats cool, they need brian fargo :)

Nah, they need Boyarsky and Anderson and Taylor and Campbell.  Then we'd have the Fallout "dream team": the best of Fallout 1, Fallout 2, the cancelled Fallout 3, and New Vegas.  And they need to rehire Joe Sanabria (although if they cut those people to hire Cain, it makes me feel a bit better).  Besides, Fargo only worked on Wasteland, not Fallout, and I feel like I heard a little while ago that he was planning a sequel to that, so he'd be busy with that.  But I guess it wouldn't hurt :D

ya with all those masterminds it would be a masterpiece.