Tight knitch community or we falling apart?

I know over the recent years people feel that they've been pushed away from this site since the forums went under major overhaul.  And it's true we lost a lot of member because of the transition, but maybe it's not a bad thing.  I think the people who stick around maybe make us better as a whole because they're the ones dedicated to making this place cool.  But do you guys still feel like there's this air of unwelcoming push still, or we better off this way?


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Unwelcoming push?

*welcomes CrimsonBohemian* : )

Granted the forums aren't what they used to be, but there are still friendly people on the forums.

Let me rephrase...this is not a community thing.  There are both nice and not so nice people here.  But what I'm saying is that the format use to be so much user friendly, and I think that's a big reason why everyone left

I agree! Though those that are new to the forums don't have anything else to compare it to except for other forums lol. I do miss the old forum days but change happens.. just don't think the change was too helpful in any way.

It's a conspiracy! Run for your lives :D

Have a good evening!

I started using achieve360points an gaygamer and must say just the user interface is soooo simple...it's so much easier to see what I've posted in and I never have to remember to "favorite" something.  It does it automatically.  With convenience like that I might just have time to run to the salon!