**** Tier 3 Crater DeATH rACE!!!! Help please.

Ok, so i suck at racing games, hence why I dont play them lol. Is there some mystical way to do this mission? Need the cheevo for 100% and its kicking my ***. Tried the parking cars at CP 1 and 2 and still couldnt do it. Ideas??? Help??? Msg me in my inbox if possible. Thx.


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Hmm. There is that relic you get from Allie's mission. That might help? Or you could just try to get a friend to drive.

Beat it. Thx for everyones replies. Always cheevo hunting so check my games list and u need help/have help etc gimme a hollar. BTW i know my GT looks like a kids name but im not lol.

A real easy way is if you have another player or even 3 other players have your friends wait at different sections of the track so for example. I did it with 2 friends. I did first 1/3 of the track buddy did the 2nd 2/3 of the track and out last friend finished it up