Tier 2 Kits

I think the tier 2 kit options are a bit lacking in comparision to tier 1.  

I find minion dectector to be the most useful.  Also the warpfall trasmitter and gaurdian chip are also good choices (evrn though the gaurdian chip is unlocked far to late to be useful if your regenerating).

I dont see dome shield battery or ice pick bieng of any value (unless the extend the time it takes to hack without icepick).  

Dead mans switch could be useful in hardpoint but it seems far to situational to be really useful.


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Agree wholeheartedly.  The minion map is great for assessing where enemy pilots will likely be heading.  I wanted to like the Ice Pick but since the spectres and turrets are trash I couldn't really get into it.  Maybe if it also allowed you to pull a stealth Rodeo or something...?  I didn't see any great benefit to the Guardian Chip, and being able to save three seconds on the actual drop time is kinda lame.

3 seconds could mean getting in your Titan or death by execution/long range fire