Thumb RSI injury

Its been hurting for like 4 months now. I am only 19 and I have thumbs of a 60year old. The picture shows where the pain is. Got it from playing too much xbox, but havent played since January. I got a doctor to check if it was gamekeepers thumb AND ITS NOT THAT. Its stable.

how long till this heals?

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Surely the best person to answer that question would be your doctor?  If you're using a controller I'd lay off the racing games for good.  They kill my thumbs after an hour or two, so i tend not to play many even though i like racers.

I ended up with severe hand pain from having to click the left thumbstick to run in games.

i solved it by rewiring the controller to use my foot to run check out the video here.

That may solve the pain for a little but eventually your toe will hurt. Cool though

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That may solve the pain for a little but eventually your toe will hurt. Cool though


@MARCO, you need to stop gaming, if you don't stop you will reach the point of no return and the pain will not go away, my left arm is ruined because i played games for far too long, my right arm is ruined for another reason, i hammered in 1200-1600 nails a day for living, my neck is ruined because i drove a FLT in reverse for several hours a day for several years for a living, so is my left ankle, same FLT, heavy braking, infact i am a mess, do anything to excess and your body will pay the price at some point, several other parts of me are ruined to, mainly in the groin area, heavy lifting, lol...

2011. Such a great year.

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2011. Such a great year.

[/quote]Nah, 1989 was a much better one, i had just turned 17 and the world was my oyster, now the world is the shell the oyster came in, and i'm the oyster...