Thrustmaster TX issues with Forza 5 Split Screen Freeplay...

OK - I am experiencing issues with the Thrustmaster TX on Split-screen freeplay mode (Not Multiplayer mode), although it is a two person game...!

I have updated the Thrustmaster TX firmware, to the latest version from the website.

The issues are that SOMETIMES one of the cars will not leave the start line at the beginning of a race (it has happened on most tracks) - this is corrected by quitting the game and reloading the track again.

Also, When using mixed controllers - One wheel and one wireless controller, the console / game disconnects the either/both controllers and requires that the player reconnect the controller. To fix this, depending how badly it's screwed up, I back out of the game, log-off all players from the console and reconnect and restart the game.

Finally, I have experienced at the end of a free-play race that both players have won - the score is "-1" and both players have won "-2" Credits - Nothing for a user to fix for this... It's just a bug and requires a patch...

It's a real pain - anyone else having these issues...?


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It's a well known issue that there are problems having the TX and a controller connected at the same time. Many people have tried to connect both at the same time in order to use the controller's headset input for chat while driving on the TX. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I haven't seen this reported in the context of 2-player split screen with the TX and a controller - but I'd assume it's pretty much the same issue.


I believe that Microsoft/Turn10/Thrustmaster are working on a fix for this but, to my knowledge, nothing has been confirmed at this point.