Threats to ban my ip

I reported a gamer on modern warfare 3 for using the invisibility hack and sending me a message calling me an "[Mod Removed]". He also sent me a message saying......your ip  will be banned in the next 12 hours [Mod Removed]. His gamertag is[Mod Removed]. As i write this i have recieved yet another message from him saying "have u ever had a beatdown for being a snitch? tosser".  hopefully microsoft will take action against this individual as i pay to use their service, not recieve abuse and threats.


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Hey CARLSBERG PAUL, I'm sorry you've been having this issue. Please use the tools on your console to file a complaint on the player and be sure to block communications with him to stop these messages. In the future, please do not name and shame other users on the forums. Thanks!

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I did report him, but it is the threat to ban my ip that concerned me. can he do this?

Paul, if he could do it.... why would he tell/warn you about it?  Wouldn't he just do it?

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that he just wanted to make you sweat. People that are actually capable of doing that crap, don't tell you about it first. Let alone tell you he's going to come back in 12 hours and then do it.

Sword and Egg are right, they're nothing more than empty threats. File a complaint, submit a negative player review so there is less chance that you'll be paired up in a lobby together in the future and move on bud.

^and block communications

I reported a player from Modern Warfare 3 for using similar hacks, and Xbox has STILL done absolutely nothing about it. I've even offered IRREFUTABLE VIDEO EVIDENCE of this happening, and it still has yielded no results.

I'm incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied with this.

@xXlmikoXx microsoft doesn't look at videos of hackers.

'I did report him, but it is the threat to ban my ip that concerned me. can he do this?'.


It's certainly possible to do it, though we can't say whether he in particular can or not. It should be clarified that he can't ban your IP address, that doesn't make any sense, though it is possible to flood someone's IP with junk data to prevent them from accessing the internet/LIVE. Given the 12-hour threat, it doesn't sound likely but should you ever be sent a Party, Chat or Game invite by them do not accept it and do not invite them back. In order to do it he needs to know what your IP address is and he can't get that without playing with you or talking to you in real-time. Even if you randomly come across him he will need to figure out which IP is yours and you'll still likely receive an invite.


Avoid him, for the good that probably won't do, avoid sending him any more messages (old ones will expire in 30 days and he will no longer have your profile as easily accessible) and never connect with them. You should always avoid random Invites you receive as well, unless you've got good reason to think they're legitimate. I remember once I gave someone like this grief and for the next two weeks I consistently received invites from plenty of random Gamertags, all the same person with the same intentions. You *may* consider closing your Friend's List to random viewers as well, but someone would really have to want to get you if they were going to go through one of your friends.


All-in-all, don't worry too much because it's unlikely, but it's possible so don't continue to communicate with him : )