Threatful In-game Messages


Today, I and 2 of my friends were playing Halo: Reach's Grifball, and came across these four players:
[Mod Edit: Gamertags removed]. These players were saying vulgar and threatening things and while this was happening, they would spawn kill at our side of the game, and complaining as well as making fun about the fact that we have a K/D spread of -30,000, and that's only because of people like this that would spawn kill because their connection is higher than that of mine and my friends.

Many times we were black-screened, while the game was loading to keep connected to the match host, and they were still complaining about it. Eventually one of them threatened to contact the Support team, to have our accounts banned because of how our K/D is negative, and make a false report that we said negative things to them.

I've dealt with many players like this, this year, and over the last year, and each of them try the final trump card in trying to get me banned because my friends and I win in a match of Halo, or they are lagging due to the unbalanced connections we have. Some have gotten banned from my knowledge and I've come to find they made new accounts. I don't think it's fair to have been dealing with this, and many times they're extremely racist, as the such match I was just in, they were making fun of another player being Australian, and how he has a K/D spread of -200,000 of something along them lines, saying we have a heart of [Mod Edit: Profanity Removed] determination and must be Australian because of this. I don't see how race tends to become a part of how we play, because every gamer is different and has their own way of playing.. which is where this offends me as well, as I'm not racist and accept any and all races.

I hope something can be done about this, as it's really become a problem, and my friend was crying because she is so fed up with having this treatment from people we play with.


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Nytron, this was posted in August last year. Learn to read the dates before bumping a dead thread/

CutieFluttershy came here for help not more criticism. If all your going to do is post negative coments about him get off xbox live and get a life. I mean seriously most people come on forums to get help and not negative criticism. Although CutieFluttershy, it never hurts to block communications and report them as Eggnogga said. :)

Also should add, it's against the forum policies/rules to "name & shame" here.  As Hey Im Swat already mentioned:  Block communications & report them via the console.  That is all you need to do.

Block and move on. No need to come to the forums.