Threatened to get hacked..someone help??

So me and my friend was apart of this old "clan" which wasn't even a clan basically cause the so called "leader" wasn't even a leader. So now hes sending me messages saying he's got a hacker that will hack me and my friend. And how if we don't change our gamertag (even though mines has changed cause i have a new account). It still spiraling out of control. His gamertag is [GT Removed] and he thinks cause we left that he can tell us what to do. But now that he is threatening to hack me and my friend when our credit cards on our account then something needs to be done...

His Gamertag: [GT Removed]


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Don't post other users gamertags on the forums. That is against the code of conduct and could get you banned. No one is going to hack you. Next time this person makes such a claim, laugh at him and tell him how pathetic he is for being forced to make such a bluff. Then report his threat via your console, and block communication with him. Problem solved

I was told to post his gamertag on the forums when i called customer service. And to state what he is doing and thats exactly what i did. But alright ill take your advice and thank you

Just laugh at him and continue to taunt him as no one can actually "hack" your account unless you yourself give them your account information. Nothing is more satisfying than calling a so called hackers bluff and watching them as they realize they can't do anything.

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I was told to post his gamertag on the forums when i called customer service.


I would have a serious word with customer service about customer confidentiality. Regardless of the offense.

Tell him to cough up 800 msp if he wants you to change your gamertag.  Until then he can **** off.

Yea, because the possibility that he could hack your account would be absolutely absurd, and would never in a million years be slightly possible. ever.

Impossible? No. Unlikely? Yes. It would be more likely your account be compomised via poor control of personal information than anything else.