THQ Program for sever testers


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Thanks PhD!!  Did you get a code?

Just got my code!!  You're the best PhD!!!  Thank you.

Yea, I got one.  No worries just spreading the word before the codes run out.

Anyone who gets a code, if you want to test out some of the stuff they asked for send me invite.  We are doing some "stuff" already.

Hey PhD!  Was cool talking to you again last night.  Lets go a few rounds tonight if you can.  I'd like to test a few things I didn't get the chance to while doing a few player matches.  

No one would connect a mic to talk except for one guy who only spoke to me after we were disconnected from each other twice.  (We had a third)

I went player match/quick match and ended up in a lobby with this guy.  Took him to the gournd twice and was disconnected on the 2nd time.  Went back to player match/quick match and ended up against the same guy.  Did an exact repeat of the last fight and disconnect again after the second time I took him down.

Repeat player/quick and ended up AGAIN against the same guy.  He finally talked to me and said he had problems all night going to the ground and it would cause disconnects so to please keep the fight standing which I did and am happy to say I won via TKO in the 3rd.

In fact I am very happy to say that I won all of my matches last night even though I only had 8 of them.

The game can't arrive quick enough :P

Don't forget about what we can and can "not" talk about, till demo.  Yes, we should get some games in so we can "test" out what they ask for.

Right forgot about that.  I'll keep to myself until the demo drops.