Thoughts upon Mob of the Dead?

Hi guys! I've recently bought the newest map pack for Black Ops II and as a devoted zombies fan I couldn't wait to get into the game! Little to say that me and my friends were more than excited! Within about 3 games, we'd already completed numerous achievements and I'd already claimed it to be (alongside with Der Riese and Ascension) their best zombies map created. With all the new weapons, new perks, HUD, characters... They basically made it a NEW game, IN DLC! So it's up to you guys what you think, I'd love to hearing you what you like and dislike about it! Iain :-)

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No offense but you will probably get abetter response in the BLOPS2 forum.

Honestly haven't tried it yet but if it is as good as it looks than it could be pretty cool...come on being Ray Liotta in a game has to rock lol....I got it downloaded though but only have played the multi-player set of maps...will give it a try pretty soon and update a further post

lol slow down.I havent even got any map packs for the original blk ops yet but I will one of these days

If they sold them separately for a more reasonable price I would have bought BLOPS2, but since they didn't, I'll pass.