Thoughts on the new Xbox, codename "Durango"


I really hope Microsoft sees this message. I have read all over the internet, even though it's all rumors and nothing confirmed, that the new Xbox will have an always-on always connected feature and you have to install the games to your hard drive, playing through the disc won't work anymore.

If any of this is true, the "always-on" or "always-connected" and the Having to install games on the HDD in order to play is on the new Xbox, I will guarentee you that i will never be buying a new xbox again and switching to a PS4. I am one of the biggest fan boys of Microsoft but i hate if this will happen to us, i will never buy it, i hope your reading this and understand you will lose a lot of business this way, look at reddit, the verge, everywhere on the internet and read what people are saying.


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The funny thing is that is all I've been reading is pure speculations from different sources and people are babbling for nothing as they know nothing with the Always connected

Everybody on these forums are in a state of panic about the slight possibility of it actually happening , seriously I doubt you won't be getting the Next-Xbox more likely to be the first one Queued for it .Take a deep breath chill out and really stop believing what the verge or anybody else say's (unless it Microsoft themselves)

I know for a Fact that I am getting both Next-Gen consoles regardless what comes out of these rubbish rumours , think it's time for my coffee now

Im not happy with the rumor of not being able to have pre-view games. i mean microsoft would be missing out on a huge market that they can clearly see from past concoles.

I find it funny how the source comes from a YouTube user. What are his credentials?

While I do not like how the always online game SimCity ended up during the launch. I can see and have said that the future of gaming doesn't include retail game discs. I think eventually we will see completely digital games like Microsoft has been pushing for a while now with Games on Demand and the rest of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Does this seem fair to those who play offline all the time or never connect to Xbox LIVE period? No! There should be an option to play offline if you wanted to. However, its growing closer and closer to the extinction of physical games I think. I think that would be there only way of combating the used game marketplace.

Its a business and if GameStop is making a lot of money from it, then they want to put a stop to it and try to profit from it instead by trying to get those people to buy the new games. But there problem doesn't lie there, its the damn prices. Lower the prices of games and people might buy the games brand new. But what about that rumor that the next Xbox games will be $10 more than the $60 average? I sure won't be spending anymore money on video games if that happens. I don't see games being worth that much. Its art and time is spent on them, but so are movies and where are those prices? They have just as much playback value as video games. How many movies sell compared to video games?