Thoughts on the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

I think this looks great, and for $15 I'm rather excited for it.  Mega Man 2 is one of my all time favorites.


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I definitely think it is cool that they are "reproducing" the original 6 Mega Man games.  Along with the challenge mode this should please a lit of Mega Man fans.  

The first of many HD remasters to be produced by Capcom. One made in response to Mighty No. 9's release in September, the one game many people are calling Mega Man's spiritual sequel.

I honestly don't know if I should indulge my cynicism or be interested in this remaster.

At least Capcom is doing something, so that's a positive.  lol.  But, While the HD remaster trend wears on me., doing games from my childhood that now have achievements, and challenge modes is exciting.  

My biggest concern is these are NOT emulations, will they run too smooth on these consoles.  I know that in several stages (air man, Metal man) there are areas where there is slow down due to the limitations of the old systems.  I know how to play those zones the way they run.  How foreign will it feel playing if NES limitations are not there? intrigued.

I think it's a really cool idea to remaster all of the games in one nice big package and for a nice price. I will most likely be getting it. :)

I love the idea of the collection, and what it represents. It's good to see Capcom hasn't entirely forgotten (Or chosen to ignore) Megaman.

Maybe they're seeing if Megaman could still hold people's intention? Or maybe testing the water for a new Megaman release? That'd be super. Unlikely, but super.

I'll get excited when they announce the X series being remastered. Always liked those better than the originals.

^ Blasphemy!  lol.

Zero > Protoman

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