Thoughts on The Game So Far?

Im really blown away by how great it is. My expectations were already really high but they've been surpassed. Where is everyone at so far? I just rang the first bell. Had a couple people join my game on the last boss...made the fight that much easier.

Never got a chance to play Demon's Souls due to not having a PS3...but im glad this one is out for everyone to enjoy.


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Good to hear, I will have to rent it now.

Still got to finish Demon's Souls. I'm going to hammer at it this weekend and pick up Dark Souls next week. Should have pre-ordered it since the upgrade to the Collectors Edition was free.

Gonna go with the 360 version, since I already got the original for PS3. And I would much rather utilize Live then PSN. The PSN servers are linked with Japan. For me, that's not a positive.

I wish Atlus could have published this one as well. Only because as a Publisher, I actually like them, which is rare. Would have been cool if they could have reaped the rewards thanks to the first game's surprising success. The game they took a chance on. Oh well, at least Catherine turned out great and pulled some good numbers for them.

Anyone looking to add a few Dark Souls players to their friends list feel free to add me. You never know who you will be playing with online and there is no party system, but it's cool to talk about your adventures in the game with someone who shares the same experiences.

From Gamefly I hope? Because you can easily sink well over 60 hours in the game. It's challenging and huge! Could get expensive if you are renting from Redbox. And there is a lot of replay value to be had. You will not discover everything during the first play through.

I'm in no way telling you what you should with your money. Just offering some friendly adivce and information, incase you were unaware.

[quote user="HaVoK308"]

The PSN servers are linked with Japan. For me, that's not a positive.


You don't want to play with me?


I am totally loving it so far. This game is kicking my butt and I'm loving every second of it!

Atlus definitely kicked it up a notch with this one.  Very tough game that requires pretty strict attention to resources.  Lots of small improvements.  I'm still making my way to the first bell.  I got stuck on that Taurus Demon for the longest time.  Must have killed me 20 times before I thought to try the Gold Resin on him, which brought him down on my first try.  It's definitely not  a SP game any more.  EVERYONE is going to need to summon help at one point or another.

It has nothing to do with the people of Japan. I love the culture and been there a couple times while I was in the Military. It is more of a latency issue. That, and it seems that everyone in the country is far better than Which of course would make for a nightmare, for me, anytime a Japanese player invaded my game to steal my humanity. That does not mean I would not be open to interesting conversations about the game. Language permitting of course. ;-)

Atlus published Demon's Souls. Unfortunately they had nothing to do with Dark Souls. From Software are the developers of both.

Psn is directly connected through Japan, there are multiple psn servers throughout the USA if you live in North America and the same goes with Europe etc..

I like it but its not my favorite type of gameplay, I have Demon Souls so I bought Dark Souls and I find the game just a reskin of Demon Souls with a few gameplay twicks which is not bad at all since Demon Souls was very good...but like in many games I hate the checkpoints (Bon fires), I hate having to restart so far from where I died since I can just turn a corner and have to fight a black knight who will kill me in two hits. Its not because I screwed up and ran into a hard enemy its that I have to refight everything I've killed to get back

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