Thoughts on Rocksmith?

Rocksmith is an upcoming game that allows you to enjoy learning and playing music with real instruments. Anybody that has played Rockband or Guitar Hero would most likely be following this game. I enjoyed playing them for a period of time using the guitars but it became dull for me. The only thing that would keep me from buying this is if it is too pricy and I can see that happening. What are your thoughts on this?



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The hardware (guitar/controller) in Rocksmith is better since it is will be using an actual guitar, but the software behind teaching and playing someone on RB3's pro modes looks better.

It looks really confusing, but I'd rather get this because the USB connection can be used with any guitar that has an input. Therefore I won't have to waste money on buying a fake guitar or another Fender since I already have one.

I'd be interested if they would support bass guitar since thats what I own.

I like the idea a lot.

I have a Gibson Les Paul and I think it'd be pretty neat to play a video game with it.

Could be a good tuition tool- like an interactive Lick Library.

Will my speaker system be able to cope with the frequency, and if I go through my Marshall is it going to sound like mush?

Im not much of a guitarist.

If it were somehow compatible with my drum set, i'd be all over it!