Thoughts on Gold Family Account?

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I've started various threads over the last few months, asking for support as I grapple with having my family on a Gold Family account. Today I'm not here to ask for help solving a problem, but rather, I'd like to get an idea of how other parents are getting along with the Gold Family accounts.

Over the last few months I've just had issue after issue with it. It primarily all comes down to it being far too restrictive on everyone except the primary account holder. On our Gold Family account we have myself, my partner and the two children. My partner has her account set to the primary account holder. The problem is this seems to create nothing but headaches for me. No matter how many things I set to "Adult", the Family account still treats me like I'm a child. I'm unable to add my own credit card, I'm unable to make my own purchases unless I specify that I want to do it in MS Points and not $$ and I found out today that I can't even create my own Xbox Music Pass. I've not tried to purchase or rent a movie or TV show on Xbox Video, but I'm probably right in assuming I'll run into similar issues.

It really feels to me that the Gold Family pass is locked into the idea of the four accounts being held by one adult and three children. I'm sure there are many, many households where this is not the case. I'm sure there are many like ours where there are two adults using the Family Gold account. I really wish Microsoft would come around and add the option of being able to set a secondary primary account (for lack of a better way of putting it). I think it's perfectly reasonable to want my partner's and my accounts to be on equal standing, both free to do things as adults and having the restrictions in place only for the accounts that are actually held by real children. (If there actually is such an option I'd be eternally grateful if someone would point it out to me lol.)

That is my biggest issue with the Family Gold account. So much much so that I'm very close to removing myself from it and setting myself up on my own individual Gold account like I used to have. Extra cost be damned.

Anyway, after grappling with this Family Gold account for months now and getting mostly just frustration, I'm really interested in hearing what other gamer parents have to say about it.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.




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Just tried to upgrade to Gold Family, and learnt from chat advisor that they removed it on the 6th March. 'They might' be announcing something soon. Not holding my breath though.

Only the primary account can buy MS points.  That account then has to distribute points out to the other accounts as an "allowance".

A game is tied two ways, by gamertag and by console.  You HAVE to be connected to LIVE to play the game that was downloaded.  The console it is downloaded to can play the game at any time.  So you download  the game under a different gamertag, on a console.  Then take the gamertag to the other console, and redownload it.  But you can only get it for two consoles per say.

Have they got rid of purchasing a family account plan? I cannot find any where that I can consider to purchase the family xbox live plan...

I was glad to hear i am not the only one having problems with there family gold account.  It is my dad and i and two children that are in our family  gold account. I am now trying to figure out how to download games to the other consoles(which i have not figured out yet). we wanted to all get a game together but now i found out that there are no ms point options for purchase. if anyone could help i would be very thankful.

I was pretty eager with my family account once I paid for it.  Unfortunately, it turns out my kids aren't big online gamers.  It isn't that they don't use online services, but the friends/multiplayer aspect of the xbox just does not seem to be what they want out of it.  I have not had the issues you have had as I am the primary account holder.  Might I suggest seeing if you can make yourself the primary (thinking along the lines of its a simple checkbox)?  If its possible, it would be interesting if the issues at least reverted to your partner.  Also, regarding purchases, is you age plugged into your account info?  My two cents, as I have not quite delved into these aspects of the aspects so deeply as of yet.  Cheers.