Thoughts from the US?

So, it's out over there but not here in the UK yet (HOW and WHY do you guys always get the games first BTW??)......can any BFBC2 peeps give us some honest feedback? How does it compare? Is it as bad as the beta?? Anyone played BF2 on the PC - is the Karkand map similar?


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It should be released here in sweden first,its made here ffs =( cant wait anymore =(

Snotty, at least one thing we can be greatful for is the fact that the US get to bug fix for us...

To edit the op any lvl 50 team playing bfbc2 opinions please.

The Karkland stuff wasn't released, we all have to wait. The game is really good, but the graphics are better on BC2.

I hope you are blind or something, CurlyPoopSkid!


Just to ask: have you installed the hd?

HD install doesn't do much and yes. I agree that bfbc2 graphics are smoother. Bf3 looks very unpolished. This game is going to have a lot of updates, thats for sure. They want to beat COD? I wish they would, but with presentation like this on a retail release? Very sloppy.

ffs i thought it was going to be improved in every sence with the new frostbite 2 engine, we need a new console released because the difference between pc and console nowa days is unbelievable and i hate playing games on the pc


Not that i do not trust on you, but looking at this video differences are BIG!



We need the 720, Riddler.

I am really envious of pc graphic and hate playing with mouse and keyboard these kind of games...

its everything i was hoping :) and definetely wayyy better than the beta