Thoughts for NHL 13

Thoughts for NHL 13

     Hello NHL fans, I hope you are all enjoying the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. Go Blackhawks! Oh wait... lol. In all seriousness though, as an NHL gamer that has been around forever, I have decided to post here a detailed list of what would be my perfect NHL 13 video game. (I do not have all NHL games played on this account, I have had multiple accounts since I have been on Xbox LIVE). My reason for doing this is so that hopefully I can get some feedback from you guys and I can hear some of your ideas as well as to what would be your perfect NHL 13 game. If you are a TRUE NHL fan, PLEASE read this and give me some of your input.  And EA, if your reading this, listen up, because I speak for ALL NHL fans on here!

    Keep in mind, these are just MY thoughts as to what I think would be an awesome NHL game. Please feel free to add your own or even add on to something I have written below. I would love for this to be an open discussion so we can all talk about the game before it comes out.

  • Online focus

     What I mean by "Online Focus" is very simple. It means my perfect game would be more focused on the aspect of NHL on Xbox LIVE. This simply means that I would really like EA to focus on the online play for the NHL games geared TOWARDS Xbox LIVE. I feel like the games are updated and new features are added that the MAJORITY of NHL players hardly use. Be A Pro and GM mode is great, don't get me wrong when I say this. However, I think they are losing sight of where the majority of their fans are which is online in community and EASHL. Long story short, I think they should be more focused in enhancing the online portions of their game, cause all in all that's where the fun is and any true NHL fan could back me up on that.

  • Skating / Player movements

     Well, I think the title for this point is clear. I don't know how many of you have seen the "Road to NHL 13: Part III" video, but if you haven't, you NEED to! This video is amazing. If you really watch the video several times, you will realize how the skater movement is being made to look more realistic and fluid. I think this is a great and innovative focus and I'm glad to see they are taking the time to implement it in the game. Sometimes it's the little things that come together to make a game great and this is one of those little things. I want to leave this open to you all though, do we think this is enough, or do they need to implement more features that compliment this innovative feature itself? Let me know your opinion, I would love to hear it.

  • Refine the physics engine

     I absolutely LOVE simply the thought of having physics in a game. When you look at games like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 by Rockstar Games, I mean, it just doesn't get any better than that. However, I believe that the hits that took place in NHL 11 were better looking and felt more intense than the hits in NHL 12. I just personally believe that the physics engine needs a boost of flavor. Some of the hits in NHL 12 just look silly sometimes. I know that every hit won't be the most perfect looking hit ever, but I do believe it can be better than what we have at the moment. Let me know of your thoughts.

  • Servers!!!

    Again, I think the title speaks for itself here. I can't tell you how many NHL games I lag out of. In all honesty, it probably contributes to about half of my losses on my performance tracker... Now, before the trolls say... "Get off the Wal-Mart connection..." I must say this... I have a great internet connection and a great router. I find it funny that the ONLY, and I mean ONLY game I lag out of is NHL. Whenever I get on other EA titles or just other titles in general such as FIFA, Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, I NEVER lag out of any game. I don't know if it is just me or if it affects anyone else out there. Also, I play with my brother online as well. We have two separate Xbox 360's that we play on. We play other games together all the time, and for some reason it's always NHL where we find ourself back at the main menu time and time again. You guys can add on to this if you want, but I think this is a huge problem that needs to be taken care of.

  • EASHL focus!

   I think a lot more focus needs to be placed on online play, as I have stated before. I'm not a programmer or developer, obviously, but I feel that simple things need to be added to the online play to make it more user friendly. Things like managing a club, recruiting other online players and friends, and overall look and feel need a tweek. I mean, you know it's bad when people are trying to recruit for clubs in the community chat box. They need to have a more centralized hub or network that surrounds online play. They need to create a centralized place where all transactions can be made fast and simply. I just feel as if the game is so cluttered with all this information and it takes forever to navigate through everything.

  • More frequent updates!

    As any gamer knows, games need updates in order to maintain a certain level of success. This game is TERRIBLE with updates... I am STILL playing with Marty Turco as my goalie with the Chicago Blackhawks... like... seriously? I haven't checked in a little while but still, long story short, this game needs more roster updates faster. If any of you have ever played any of the FIFA games, you will understand what I mean by quick updates that keep all the players in or out of the game depending on injuries, leaves, and transfers. And it's not even roster updates either. I just think in general this game needs more updates for just the overall gameplay as well. I see new glitch shots sometimes that I have never seen before and it seems like EA doesn't do anything about it to fix these things. This is frustrating, especially when you are trying to maintain a good club record and these are the things that are stopping you.


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  • Community / Club

    The only real thing I want to mention for this is goalies. When in community, I think they should give you the option to either allow or disallow goalies. I can't tell you how many games I have lost because goalies are just "messing around..." I think anyone who plays NHL knows what I'm talking about with this one.

  • Cheating, glitches, and lag outs...

    Yes, we have all been here... The club games that you all of a sudden lose 3 - 0. The glitch shots and easy glitch moves to get around defensemen every single time to have a one on one with the goalie. I mean, I can't really say anything else here, they just need to straight up fix it. I hate losing games because of things like this. It's so frustrating to try and keep a good record when things like this happen. Don't get me wrong, I know that all games will have glitches and cheats, but they need to be faster and more successful at fixing these glitches. I remember back playing 09 the curve shot never got fixed and if you did it right it went in EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  • Do NOT add player individuality

    They did this with FIFA and it failed miserably in my opinion. This is what it would be like for NHL 13. Well... Ovechkin is a better player than Kane, so let's make his stats way better... and... Brodeur is a much better goalie than Fluery, so let's make him so much quicker. If you are going to do things like this, DO IT RIGHT! It made FIFA so bad at one point. Keep in mind, these are just silly examples that I don't stand behind, it's just an example to show what I'm talking about. They made it to the point where Christiano Ronaldo could run down the entire field without even being touched... I mean, it just makes the game unbalanced. If you are going to do it, they have to do it in a way that makes the game balanced.

  • Improve the A.I.

    I'm happy to here that this IS one of the improvements that they are working on in the game. They state now that the computer players will not just focus on what is in front of them, but they will focus and pay attention to the entire ice... I will believe it when I see it, although I do have faith that they will do this correctly. How many times have you lost a game because a computer player passed the puck or gave it away in a situation that could have been totally avoided. Haha, I bet it's a lot!

  • Improve human goalie movements

    Make the human goalie movements more fluid and not so glitchy and "all over the place..." Some people can be so good at goalie, but let's face it, most are not. I think if they made the goalie controls a little easier and more fluid, more people would have a chance and be more successful at playing goalie.

  • And lastly, IMPROVE THE MENU SYSTEM!!!

    IMPROVE THE MENU SYSTEM! It is SO clustered and broken and it takes FOREVER to find what you want and it takes FOREVER to load! I think that's it for that one, just make the menu system more organized and faster.

    Thank you for those who stuck with me in reading this. Please let me know what you think and don't be afraid to add some thoughts of your own. I would really be happy to hear from some of you because I want this game to be good just as much as you do.

    Take care!

ive heard throught the "grape vine" that nhl 13 will have a thing where you can vote players off that are playing poorly and the ones that dont play at all but they say the teams would have to be full in order to vote people out during the game

That sounds good. I don't understand why the games would have to be full in order to do that though. I mean, you can still have players either not playing or playing poorly in games that are not full with players...

But I do like having the option nonetheless.

My buddy had an awesome idea last week while we were playing. Ok, here it goes....Don't freak on me but I agree with him.........Kinect! Nothing fancy or innovative, just simple things like voice commands for plays on the ice *PASS* *DUMP* *SHOOT*.......*KNOCK THE GOALIES HELMET OFF.....* Also for changing up the defense and face offs like holding the guy up. Simple shiznittery like that. I think it would be sweet. And maybe throw in the old *LOOP FACEOFF GLITCH* for S&G's. copy of NHL 12 broke last weekend.....I'll miss the playoffs this month

Voice commands don't need Kinect, just a headset and no lame commands like "Knock the Goalies Helmet Off", this is not NHL HItz

EASHL  has a lot of potential, but it needs to be fixed and improved big time. There needs to be better matchmaking for starters, because even though my team may not be very good, and I know we got into it late, getting hammered over and over by "pros" isn't a lot of fun. At least your pro should earn some points towards getting better after your team just got peppered. We finish our games no matter what, at least we should be rewarded for ir it. A W isn't everything. I mean it's not that other players are that much better but their players stats such as speed etc. are, it's just not fun nor is it fair. It reminds me of a turn based RPG, where you know you don't have a chance because your attributes are soo much lower. Also, improve the AI. I mean we as a team already suck, but they only add insult to injury with their crap plays or lack of. Just my 2 cents....

Is there already a date, on which the demo will release?

If its anything like Madden then we are left in the dust it looks like

[quote user="SRCrizzo"]

Is there already a date, on which the demo will release?




hopefully it will be a great game to play. it comes out on 9/11/2012 seriously ? why that date ? but oh still going to buy it.

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