Tholmor Robe Question?

Ok I think its the best looking of the robes for magi. But I would like to find a un-enchanted one like there boots and gloves which are now enchanted for me. Please if you know where to look mail me in-game. Ill be off and online all day long.


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I've never seen a Tholmor Mage robe that wasn't enchanted already. I even tried to "learn" that enchantment but it wouldn't come up on the options menu. Not sure if there is one that isn't. Have you tried whacking everyone at the Embassy? The Thalmor at the Fort were pretty easy but all had enchanted robes.

cant you just disenchant the robe? or will that destroy it in the process?

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cant you just disenchant the robe? or will that destroy it in the process?


Normally if you want to "learn" an enchantment you have to destroy the original. That's just what I've seen from the Thalmor robes is that either I already had that one or they didn't even show up for learning.

Here is the "MOD for PC" that unenchants the robes so that would say there are NO robes to be found. 


I do have to agree with OP, that robe is slick as goat spit.  You could always use that robe and if you enchant right still come out pretty good.

Well I am using something from the clothes store in Solitude. I have full free Destruction right now. Maybe over LOL. I need to re-enchant everything so I can make it right. :)

I would love a non-enchanted version of the Thalmor Robes and the Nightengale Armor. It would have been nice if they included some option to remove enchantments from items. I tried it using the mannequin duplication exploit since that strips enchantments, but it didn't work either. It just duplicated it with the same enchantments. Bummer.