This weeks Weekly Challenge

This weeks Weekly Challenge can not be done co-op.  has to be done solo. 


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Really. Good thing my friend had to leave. Easy to do on the infamous Nightfall level.

For the curious...


Thanks for posting the video. Thats going to help.

So just tested a theory out with a friend and it works.  You are able to do this in co-op.  However you can not finish the game in co-op.  If you do the Weekly Challenge on Night Fall and try the glitch as soon as you get you and your buddies though the door all but one of you has got to quit out of the game.  If you do this the game well switch to solo allowing you to finish the Mission and complete the Weekly Challenge.  

wow that glitch does not work anymore i tried it like 30 times

It works. your just doing it wrong.  I just did it earlier.