This should've been the Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer


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Yeah that's definitely my favorite trailer, I have that saved in my favorites on YouTube and watch it atleast 3 times a week lol. I love the music and the build up after he says "That's not good" (sounds like he says "I smell good" lol. I think also like the Iron Man helmet part, Isaac is a effin BEAST!

Agreed, it's one of those trailers you can watch over and over again.


"They're here!"  "Get a weapon...for everyone."


Several memorable quotes in this one.


"It's happening again...everyone's dying around me." That's a pretty powerful line alone.

^^ Heard that line plenty in scary movies. That means stay the ef away from those people lol.

Looks like the Hunter makes a return, once more. Can't have a Dead Space game without an annoying, regenerating necromorph. Hard Core is going to be a pain with this guy. At least it'll be somewhat more manageable with a friend.

^ Chop him up, then use stasis on him. Although, I suspect there will be more than one in DS 3. Let the fun begin!

I am sooooo ready!

^ You can say that again. I even took Wednesday and Thursday off of work.

^^ Haha, I took the whole week off! Disappointed GameStop isn't doing a midnight release here.

Was surprised when I found out they weren't. Amazon better come through. lol