This "Seriously" achievement must be dealt with

This achievement is beyond ridiculous! I've boosted more than 150 hours on this game and it's just a god damn grinder! I am from Australia and our internet isn't as good as you "American's" and it is extremely hard to set boosting sessions and get a group to start up. I am a completionist and I honestly speak on behalf of Australians or other gamers who have a hard time with this dreadful achievement. I have better games to play like cod and battlefield and other fps's that I love, I'm fine grinding gears 3 achievements because it feels like an accomplishment but gears1 seriously is just a bloody joke. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ACHIEVEMENT! I'm sick off it.

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If you don't want to you don't have to. You know that right? Getting really tired of those compulsive achievement hunters. You really don't need that achievement to make your life better dude.

If he wants the achievement he wants the achievement. CHILL.