This one Level I can't pass

This one side mission called BORDER CROSSING, its one of grim's missions. Man, I don't know why but man, I just can't pass this level. I've past all other levels i've played thus far with no problem on perfectionist and I think im close to the end of the main campaign. I've completed all the sides mission up to this point but this one level, man..........I've failed this mission like atleast 30 times, solo and multiplayer. And it's not ONE particular part either. Its like, it's always something different. First its a mine, then its the damn armored guy, or its the sniper, just just doing something dumb and getting spotted by the guys at the very beginning. Something about this level is knocking me off my game.

Well, anyway, there's no point to this thread, just wanted to vent a bit. 


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Wow the moment after I post this thread...........I pass the level.