This october

I will be officially broke.  Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, Skyrim - yes techinically november but still to close together.


Between these 3 things, I don't know where im getting the money or the time to play them.  especially with college football and harvest season.   wife may be very unhappy with me when I get off work every day in October.    and stupid activision thinks they are going to be making a fortune on Modern Warfare 3. LOL   not even on my list.  even if it was on it  Arkham City and Gears of War 3 would come before it but need to save money for these 3 alone.


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I'll be broke too, except on Blu-rays, not games (between Sept. & Oct.)... The complete Star Wars saga, Jurassic Park trilogy, The Clone Wars season 3, The Big Bang Theory season 4, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Pee Wee's BIG Adventure, etc, etc. I may buy Skyrim if the combat is better than previous Elder Scroll titles.

Skyrim is out on November.

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Skyrim is out on November.



Whenever. It's not at the top of my priority list.

Tell me about it.

 Nice gamerscore as well.

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Dark souls and battlefield 3 in the same month? Seriously?

Has anyone got a straight list of releases I really need to look into release dates for stuff !

Of the games listed by Big Red...I'm only interested in Batman, Gears and Skyrim.  I might buy one and rent the others.

Same here. I will be getting Arkham City, BF3, and Skyrim.