This new update ruined me & most of my friends Black Ops experience.

It's been a great experience for me ever since this game came out and I speak for most of my 100 friends that play with me on my friends list.
The reason I bought Black Ops & all the map packs was Combat Training & Hardcore CTF....
This new update ruined my experience & most of theirs. I hope this means something to your organization.
I see a lot of people complaining on this site and other sites, but sadly most replies are from people that the update does not effect in a negative way. I don't regret spending my money on this game because it served it's purpose to keep me entertained, that's why I bought every DLC that came out, but as I stated above I bought them so me & my friends could play Hardcore CTF & any other modes we "choose". I understand that Hardcore CTF is still playable in "Bombs & Flags" but it's very rare & uncomfortable for me & others. I also understand that it is still available in "Core" but me & most of my friends personal preference is Hardcore. It would be a blessing if I can select Hardcore CTF was once again as it's own stand alone game type. I bet there or others that like the other modes other than CTF that feel the same way.

Options & and having a choice is always good. me personally I had no problems with how things where because I was content with my game mode!

Note to people on this forum I noticed a lot of negative comments from people this update does not effect in a negative way.
If this update does not effect you in a negative way please try to understand that there are people that it does effect in a negative way.

The only thing we can do is voice our concerns on a game we have grown accustomed to.

If the update can't or wont be reversed I just have to deal with it or move on, But I will say this..It has been fun & I enjoyed Online Black Ops.
Right now Hardcore Combat Training is my thing! only wish they had more modes!


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i mostly played hardcore CTF and headquarters but now since this update i dont bother with them which is a shame because they were the game types i mostly play

I Agree..but what saddens me is when other people that the update don't effect complains about us being concerned about getting the update reversed or changed back so we can go back to enjoying Call Of Duty the way we have been since it came out.