this is the worst basketball game because of online play

why does it seem everyone has a lagswitch this game is useless online an that's all I play is online they lag shots an rebounds an free throws an xbox does nothing they don't even have a place to report people on Xbox one what a joke I should've kept my 360 I feel so stupid cause I turned it In you should be ashamed of yourself 2k for putting out such a flawed game an xbox live for letting everyone lag switch an you can't detect it also for not letting you see who you've played an reporting them hell even on the 360 the last 8 months I couldent really see who I played what a waste of money 


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The game needs dedicated servers, period.

Lol I understand this feeling and unfortunately Xbox and Microsoft refuse to ban for cheating but I get a communications suspension for calling a cheater out and messaging him

The game has been horrible online for years (well for me anyway, must be the distance?) and for that reason I never bother.

This game was problematic when  I had my modem downstairs and was connected wirelessly.  Well it runs better now that the modem is upstairs and I'm hardwired.  But the occasional getting booted gets old, especially when you're playing with a friend and it takes ages to start a game up again.

You should consider yourself lucky you can even connect to the servers to begin with